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Based in the pretty village of Croston in Lancashire, I have worked for over 30 years in various customer service, organisational and training roles. The last 14 years dealing with extremely high profile individuals through my work as a corporate/private jet flight attendant/manager involved sourcing and delivering the best products and services that money can buy, organising dinner parties “in the sky” and making the impossible happen.
I realised that my skills and experience could benefit everyone by helping out with busy home lives, as there is simply so much to do these days. My aim is to free up your personal time and allow you to experience the relief of offloading the tasks that someone else can do for you.
I have a positive professional attitude and a high level of attention to detail, and am extremely dedicated to delivering the best quality of customer service at all times.
Take a look at the services I offer. If you think personal concierge/organising services are just for the wealthy – think again.
We all need a bit of help sometimes. Give me a call and let me give you back your precious time. Even if it is just 1 hour!

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